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When you want to make an impact, step outside of the interview and narrate the story

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A story-form or narrative podcast presents a fictional or non-fictional narrative in an episodic format, similar to a radio drama or a serialized television show, but in an audio-only form.

Great for:

  • Brand Storytelling

  • Education with complex topics

  • Works of Fiction / Non-Fiction

  • Biography

  • Investigative Journalism

  • Advocacy

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In a story-form podcast, the focus is on creating a compelling narrative that engages the listener's imagination. The podcast episodes are carefully crafted with a beginning, middle, and end, featuring characters, plotlines, and story arcs that develop over time. These podcasts bring the characters to life, allowing the listener to follow along and connect emotionally with the story.

One distinguishing feature of a story-form podcast is the use of sound effects and ambient audio to create a rich and immersive soundscape. These soundscapes enhance the storytelling experience, transporting the listener to different settings and environments. From footsteps and door creaks to city sounds or natural landscapes, the carefully curated sounds help build a vivid and detailed world in the listener's mind.

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