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PrepMD Continues to Transform Global Cardiac Care with New Unified Branding Strategy

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PrepMD Continues to Transform Global Cardiac Care with New Unified Branding Strategy

BRAINTREE, Mass., Jan. 2, 2024 -- In a significant move to enhance their impact on global cardiac care, PrepMD and its subsidiaries, including PrepMD RMS, have unified under a single brand name and logo: 'PrepMD'. This strategic decision marks a key milestone in their ongoing commitment to cardiac care excellence.

PrepMD's Unified Brand Logo: Transforming Global Cardiac Care

Leveraging over 14 years of expertise in cardiac clinical training, PrepMD has expanded to become the leading provider of remote monitoring and in-clinic staffing solutions for healthcare providers. Through its subsidiary, PrepMD RMS, the company has consistently delivered exceptional remote monitoring services and advanced data management software. This has established PrepMD as a pivotal entity that empowers device clinics nationwide to enhance patient care, optimize revenue, and manage costs effectively.

PrepMD Logo

As part of this transformative journey, PrepMD and its subsidiaries have adopted a unified brand identity, symbolizing the company's unwavering dedication to the cardiac sector. This rebranding highlights PrepMD's commitment to delivering comprehensive tech-enabled solutions, which include advanced device clinic services and technologies, and extensive corporate training programs, all consolidated under one brand and logo. As the only company offering a one-stop shop model, PrepMD has streamlined access to the entire suite of solutions, empowering its customers to effectively address their ever-evolving complex challenges and needs.

Matt O'Neal, Co-Founder and CEO at PrepMD, expressed his enthusiasm about the change, stating, "PrepMD is uniquely positioned to leverage its expert clinical teams and cutting-edge technologies, enabling the delivery of optimal patient care, and setting new industry standards. This unified transformation reflects both our legacy and future direction."

Satya Behara, Marketing Executive at PrepMD, confirmed, "The transition will be seamless and will not impact any ongoing services or commitments. In the upcoming weeks, stakeholders can expect updates across PrepMD's digital channels, including our website and social media platforms."

This rebranding initiative underscores PrepMD's commitment to excellence and innovation in cardiac medical device remote monitoring, healthcare staffing, and corporate training solutions. The company is positioned to lead the way in the transformation of global cardiac care, and this transition marks a significant milestone in that journey.

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About PrepMD: PrepMD is the premier tech-enabled solutions company empowering healthcare providers to achieve exceptional standards of cardiac care. With over 14 years of industry expertise, the company offers a comprehensive portfolio of device clinic solutions, featuring exclusive in-clinic staffing services and best-in-class remote monitoring offerings. The company continues to be a leading provider of customized training solutions to device clinics, corporations, and individuals globally. PrepMD is dedicated to optimizing patient outcomes and driving innovation in cardiac care.

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