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When purchasing a podcast production package, you may also have the option to select additional a la carte items to enhance your podcasting experience. These menu items provide supplementary services and assets that can complement your podcast and its promotion. Here are some common a la carte options:

  • Audiogram: An audiogram is a short video clip that combines an audio snippet from your podcast with a visual waveform and captions. It's an engaging way to share highlights or teasers from your episodes on social media platforms.

  • Complete Show Transcript: A complete show transcript is a written document that contains the verbatim text of your podcast episode. Having a transcript can benefit accessibility, SEO optimization, and provide a text-based alternative for those who prefer reading or have hearing impairments.

  • Pull Quote: A pull quote is a visually appealing quote extracted from your podcast episode. It can be used for promotional purposes on social media, websites, or even as a visual element in your podcast artwork.

  • LinkedIn Quote: A LinkedIn quote is a specific pull quote tailored for professional networking and sharing on LinkedIn. It can capture a key insight, thought-provoking statement, or valuable advice from your podcast episode, targeted towards a professional audience.

  • Guest Procurement and Management: If you're looking for guests to feature on your podcast but don't have the time or resources to dedicate to finding and managing them, this service can help. It involves identifying potential guests, reaching out to them, coordinating schedules, and ensuring a smooth guest experience.

  • Additional Hosts or Guests: If you'd like to have an additional guest or more for your podcast or podcast episode, this A la carte item allows you to add them into your package.

  • Recording Engineer: A recording engineer can handle the technical aspects of your podcast recording, including audio setup assistance, microphone placement assistance, and monitoring the entire recording process. This allows your hosts to focus on being hosts while a professional audio engineer ensures high-quality sound and a professional listening experience.

  • Additional Audio: This option allows you to include additional audio over your package audio limit of 30 minutes.  Additional audio is offered in 5 minute increments.

  • Video for YouTube: This service provides the creation of video content to accompany your podcast episodes, specifically tailored for platforms like YouTube. It may involve adding visuals, graphics, or even video footage related to your podcast topic.

These a la carte items offer added value and customization to your podcast production package. They can enhance your podcast's reach, engagement, professionalism, and overall listener experience. Depending on your goals and budget, you can select the specific items that align with your podcast's needs and promotional strategies.

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